Heather who?

Fine Art & History of Art graduate of Goldsmiths college. Few things bring me as much joy as a camera in my hands, and a spot of good light. I seldom set out with a specific idea of what to shoot - in ways both beautiful and serendipitous, the poignant and the captivating always present themselves to me in the most amazing ways. 

I am in love with the slowness and meticulousness required to shoot in film. And those colours!! Photography taught me to not only open my eyes for the next good shot, but also to be open to new experiences and encounters, because so often those are much more valuable than the image. In the dark room, I learnt patience, and the foundational elements of good photography. Some mistakes could be fixed, others wouldn't budge, and through it all I learnt to live with them and appreciate even that extra smudge of magenta.

I am interested in psychologies of home and interior spaces, and explore these themes through evocative objects, relics of existences, and moments of intimacy in everyday life. I also write. 

I shoot on a Nikon FM2. Still learning, always.

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